Instaforce is bringing transparency and humanity back into the Instagram growth industry. We aren’t anonymous and we aren’t hiding. We’re proud of our service.

92.5% of our customers continue each month and it’s a testament to our radically honest approach, Instagram growth expertise, and relentless focus on helping our customers achieve their goals.

Ready for a new, 100% manual approach to Instagram growth? 

Founded in Aalborg

Denmark in 2016

Work Culture

If the best people for the job all lived in our neighborhood, we'd be set. Unfortunately, they live all over the world. But there's a silver lining: We can come together through the power of the Internet.

This has allowed us to find people that fit our desired team member personality: passionate, highly skilled, and interested in doing good across the globe. These people we can invest in, and get amazing returns. And so can you!

Our focus is on doing things the right way. We use methods that allow businesses to make genuine, valuable connections online without resorting to shady tactics. 

This means that our internal culture is steady, optimistic, and always ready for the next challenge.

The marketing squad 2017

The people behind Instaforce

Online marketers, e-commerce experts, and creative professionals... we've got a killer team with a strong track-record of helping ecommerce stores succeed.

We would say that we try to balance work and fun but when you're doing a great job, work is pretty fun already. So we try to balance fun-fun with work-fun. 

Even if our balance isn't right, we're still having fun.  


Co-Founder & CEO


Co-Founder & Head of Growth


Customer Success Manager


Customer Success Manager


Customer Success Manager




Customer Success Manager


Office Mascot

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Want to do work that matters? We’re helping ecommerce brands create meaningful connections and profitable conversions. Join us today to become part of something greater than yourself.

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Every day, Instaforce helps great ecommerce brands with Instagram Marketing including:

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