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The Instagram growth industry is a fairly non-transparent industry where most companies do not publish their results or provide estimates of how much growth their clients can expect to see. 

We’re looking to buck this trend by providing client examples to showcase the real results of our organic growth service.

It doesn't matter what kind of Instagram account you have - Instaforce can help you gain real and targeted followers.

Customer Love Stories

Instaforce clients aren't just satisfied, they have real business results. 90% gain between 400-1200 followers and report at least 4x ROI in direct sales.

Actual Client Results

90% of Instaforce clients gain between 400-1200 real and targeted followers per month. The results depend on the niche, your brand, the quality of content and how often you post..

We're trusted by over 2000 clients

We've been around since 2016 and our clients love the results that Instaforce brings.

Lisa M.

“I have been using this service for almost a year and I love it. When I started, I had about 400 followers and I’m now approaching 21,000! I have great engagement from the audience that Instaforce helped me to attract. Thank you for the great work!”

Featured Client Testimonial

Nathan T.

We saw a huge growth of followers in a short time. Real followers, increased sales and overall great responsiveness from the Instaforce staff.

Featured Client Testimonial

Linda W.

“Instaforce really worked for me! I received more followers than they estimated I would, and they were real people with similar interests to my own. Engagement went up and likes went up. Pleasantly surprised with the results. Thanks to Edvin, Johnny, and the Instaforce team!”

Featured Client Testimonial

Getting started with Instaforce, risk-free

The first step to growing your Instagram with Instaforce is by signing up for your 30-day risk-free trial on the page here:

The pricing is only $97/mo and if you don’t gain at least 400 followers the first month, we’ll provide a full refund. We don't lock you in to any contracts either, you're free to stop whenever you want.

We believe that the best way to decide if our service is something for you - is to actually give it a try and see the results for your specific account - and then decide if you want to keep going because you're happy with the results or if you want a refund. 

The only reason we're willing to offer a refund is because we know you'll love our service once you try it.

How the service actually works

Once you sign up, you’ll complete a brief questionnaire to tell us more about what types of followers you want to attract and provide a list of target Instagram accounts that have followers you’d like to attract. These are often profiles similar to yours: competitors, complementary brands or influencers in your space.

Then our team of actual humans will manually follow each user that fits our criteria and is following those target accounts that you provided. We do all of the work by hand from a smartphone to stay within Instagram guidelines, keeping your account safe and bringing you incredible results.

The users we followed will get a notification that you followed them and a percentage of them will come check out your Instagram out of curiosity. Since we’re targeting users that are following accounts similar to yours, there’s a high chance that they will also be interested in what you are doing and will want to follow you.

We’ll follow around 6000 users a month on your behalf, helping boost the overall organic reach on your page. You’ll have your own account manager who’s managing your account and will be there for any questions or changes you want to make. Every week you’ll receive a detailed report with the results we’ve generated for you.

Instagram is the first place people tend to look when they hear about a new brand. It establishes credibility with the customer and gives them a snapshot of what your brand is all about.

While your account manager starts picking up your followers, Instaforce also identifies new sources for hashtags and usernames for your account to add over time. Optimizations usually mean that the longer you work with your account manager, the better your growth rate and followers will become over time.

It’s important to remind you that your Instaforce account manager only engages with real users on Instagram. And engagement only comes in two forms – liking posts and following users.

This way, your account manager doesn’t impact your brand voice, keeping your brand and persona consistent.

Our clients see hundreds to thousands of new followers come in every month. Overall, the followers being picked up are real and incredibly targeted, which is the point of our service. 

We don’t promise to get you 100,000 followers overnight (not within the first few months anyway!). Instead, what we do promise is to help you consistently grow your following and engagement with organic, real, and targeted followers. 

Client growth example: We began our work Oct 9th.

Join 2000+ happy customers. 

Try Instaforce without any risk.

Try us without any risk and get a full refund if we don't gain you at least 400 relevant followers during the first month. We don't lock you into any contracts. We'll show you the difference when growing your Instagram!

Instaforce clients benefit from growing their Instagram with intelligent targeting. Empower your social influence and start building a loyal follower base that'll translate into sales. 

We're here to help give your social media marketing on Instagram a boost.

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