What is Instaforce?

July 20, 2021
7 min read

What is Instaforce?

We are an Instagram Growth Agency which helps businesses, influencers and individuals gain more Instagram followers and better engagement.

We grow your Instagram account, so you can focus on creating awesome content!

This means providing our clients with a dedicated team which are available 24/7 to assist them with their campaign.

⭐️ How it works

We assign your account to a Growth Expert, who will focus on encouraging people with the same interests as you to visit your page. And if those people like your content, then they will follow you and engage with your posts.

We get the best results by using very specific targeting. When you sign up, we will ask you to list several accounts which are in the same niche as you. They could be other influencers like you, or perhaps a competing business in your city. We also ask for some hashtags and locations too.

Your Growth Manager will log in to your account and begin to engage with the followers of your targeted accounts. They will do this by Liking, Following and Unfollowing their accounts.

Not only is this method is the most effective way to grow your account with real organic followers, but it also increases engagement too!

So you post awesome content, and we make your followers grow. Simple!

😊 Keeping it real

We use real people to do this process manually. We don't use any bots or automation, as using bots is spammy and can affect your reputation. They can also put your account at risk of getting banned by Instagram!

We have a team of over 100 Growth Managers working on growing your Instagram accounts 6 days per week. Real people = Real results 👍

You can get to know our team through our support, who are always happy to answer your questions and we can arrange a callback if you want to speak with someone on the phone.

📈 Seeing your results

The important bit! We aim to get a minimum of 300 real, engaged followers per/month for all of our clients. If we have good content and targeting to work with, we can often get 1,000s more.

We keep you updated by email on your progress. You can also check in any time and ask us for an update on your campaign. We also encourage you to give us your feedback, as it helps us to get you the best results possible ⭐️

✅ Getting Started

Signing up to Instaforce is easy. Just click here to choose your plan and follow the simple steps to get started. Once you've completed the form, we'll launch your campaign in 1-2 hours!

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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