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We help social media marketing agencies grow their client Instagram accounts or resell our service. Get more followers for own agency or for your clients with Instaforce.

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Instagram Compliant Growth Service

Instaforce has worked with thousands of clients, putting their Instagram growth on autopilot and growing them with more followers, likes and engagement. There are two pillars to Instaforce as an Instagram agency. We're a growth agency that helps our customers grow their Instagram accounts, and we help other Instagram agencies grow their client accounts too.

Instaforce does not:
grow accounts with fake followers
Give fake metrics or engagement
Underdeliver on its growth promise
Instaforce does:
Give its customers an organic growth experience
Get followers faster for every client account
Build up a loyal, engaged audience for each client on Instagram

An Instagram marketing service that does all the growth for you and your clients

Scale the growth of all your client accounts or your own Instagram account with Instaforce. It's easy to set up and get started - so getting more followers, engagement and likes for you and your customers will be a breeze.

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Easy & quick

It only takes a few minutes to get an account hooked up to Instaforce. Setting up your Instagram accounts is streamlined and easy.

Hands-free growth

Get more followers, likes and engagement around the clock with Instaforce. Any account you're growing is streamlined for growth.

Build an audience

Instaforce helps build the right niche audience for all types of client accounts. From meme accounts to influencers to brands, we do it all for you!

Dedicated assistance

While we do growth tasks on your behalf programmatically, we have dedicated account managers for every Instagram account on Instaforce. Get world-class support every time.

Perfect for starting your own agency

If you're a social media manager, growing accounts on Instaforce is easy. Learn more about if you want to get the full story on how Instaforce works!


Creators, businesses, and Instagram managers

Instaforce has creators, businesses, and social media managers using us to grow their accounts on a daily basis. Niches range from meme accounts, Instagram influencers, models, nutritionists, and more! If you're anoffering growth services, or if you're an agency, we offer discounted plans.

And if you're just looking for an Instagram agency to grow your own account - Instaforce got you covered.


The social media agency that does the work for you

We take a lot of pride in the work we do as a social media agency - growing our customers organically on Instagram. To drive real organic growth, we use a suite of programmatic and manual touch ups to really drive consistent traffic and growth to an Instagram account.


Set up following & unfollowing tasks

Instaforce selects users to follow and unfollow based on hashtag, user, and location targeting settings specified on Instaforce. It's a time tested method in growing Instagram accounts and this feature is one of Instaforce core assets. By automating your following and unfollowing, you'll:

Save hours every day finding the right users
Be able to grow your account cleanly and efficiently
Keep getting results that improve over time Join Instaforce Now
A graph of the total follower gained by an instagram user

Many more agency-only features

Export Results

Export your results on-the-fly for yourself or wow your customers in a neat PDF format.

Advanced Parameters

Instaforce targeting can be adapted based on engagement rates and follower/following ratios.


Improvements and suggestions are provided to the Instaforce user to maximize results.

Whitelist & Blacklist

Accounts never engage with auto-blacklisted content. Whitelist users you want to keep following.

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